Why growth?

They say that either you grow or you die, or even worse, slowly faint away. Why is growth considered generally an end goal in our society? Is it due to the capital age we are living in? How to measure growth? Are the financial metrics the only real measures of growth success? I don't think so.

I contemplate that there are different kinds of growth perspectives, and all of these are of value. You can take a look from the customers perspective, individual perspective, obviously the company perspective or even the perspective of social impact.

Growth at Kaito 

Kaito was established in 2013, so next year in 2023 we are celebrating our 10th year of this data and analytics journey. As a company, we have grown a lot. The growth can be evidenced by our turnover and headcount reaching a revenue of 8 million euros and 80 in headcount by end of this fiscal. We have also gained growth in brand value having more and more inbound inquiries as well as reaching the largest enterprises in Finland with a solid value proposition. As an organisation, we have gained maturity while surfing the waves of the self-directive approach and building nearly independent customer circles.

The latest eNPS result of 70+ shows that data and analytics consultants value their freedom, enjoy working with like-minded and have meaningful work at Kaito. The common goal that empowers us and pushes us to brake formal and unformal boundaries is our unique position as the thought leader in data and analytics in Finland.

The above is visible to the outside, but what about all the growth taking place inside? Growth that eventually is visible also towards outside. The individual growth that our personnel experience and the growth that we reach within teams fuel the organization to provide spot-on data management, business intelligence and data science services for our customers.

What kind of metrics can we use for measuring growth from the above perspectives:

Company growth:

  • Company brand value
  • People count
  • Revenue and other financial measures
  • Organisational maturity
  • Employee satisfaction (eNPS)

Team growth / Customer Circles:

  • Growth in industry and domain understanding
  • Growth in team productivity
  • Growth in the way of collaborating upstream (towards customer's personnel) and downstream (colleagues and partners)

Individual growth

  • Personal growth as a customer servant
  • Growth of new and existing technological expertise
  • Growth as a team player and supportive colleague
What value growth unlocks?

What is then the impact of our growth for our society? As we grow, we provide more tax euros. We also provide a steady income for more people who then by investing in common life commodities keep the economic wheels rolling.

As the thought leader in data and analytics, we enforce the utilization of data in everyday decision-making for Finnish enterprises. This should provide them a competitive edge over their global competitors. Some of our customers also create new services out of the data that we help them nurture. Therefore, we can say that our growth has a clear positive impact on our society as well.