The analytics partnership between BDS Bynfo and SAP



SAP and BDS Bynfo have started an official PartnerEdge Sell and Service partnership, which means that BDS Bynfo can now offer also licenses to SAP Analytics products in addition to the SAP Analytics consulting.

BDS Bynfo has always wanted to offer their customers comprehensive service, so that the projects can be delivered as fast and effectively as possible. When building a new SAP Analytics functionality, we often run into the questions about the current license situation, and the need for the licenses both during and after the project.

That is why offering SAP licenses fits so well into BDS Bynfo’s comprehensive service structure. End-to-end thinking is important to us, and we want to prevent unnecessary delays caused by updating the need and the development during the project to a third party. Now we can solve the license questions agilely during the project, or after the project while offering our continuous services. This makes the customer’s day easier as they can focus on improving their business.

“We are very excited about the SAP’s new SAP Analytics Cloud offering, which brings something completely new to the analytics market and makes the deployment of BW and Planning solutions faster and simpler.”

- Atte Roine, Strategy Advisor, BDS Bynfo Oy

The SAP Services of BDS Bynfo:

  • POC, Projects and Support Solutions
  • Service Authorization - SAP Analytics
  • Sell Authorization - SAP Analytics
  • Sell Authorization - Cloud Open Solutions
  • Sell Authorization - Database and Data Management

Primary contact:
Atte Roine
+358 40 581 1141

Operation region: Nordic countries