Meet our new Sales Executive

After the summer already 11 new Kaitonians have started their journey at Kaito! Get to know Cata next, one of our newcomers who joined us last month! 


👋 Cata Mansikka-aho, Senior Sales Executive
At Kaito since August 2023

“I am currently working with the sales of Kaito's Fast Track data platform innovation, work by looking for new customers, and at the same time, of course, I want to make Katio's name known in the growing market as a small giant of data analytics and generative AI experts in the Nordic countries.”

“After Sibelius high school, I studied music at Helsinki Conservatory and business administration and marketing at Helsinki Business College.
My interest in social issues took me to the Finnish parliament, where I worked as an parliamentary assistant to the representatives for ten years. At the same time, I worked in positions of trust elected by the city of Helsinki, such as a member of the environmental board and in cultural organizations. This time also brought me an interest in technology and I especially became interested in the impact of technology on society and the national economy.”

“Starting from 2013, I started working in the international positions of Finnish technology companies in sales and marketing.
During the last three years, I have worked e.g. in the service of the information security company Nixu as a special expert in public relations and business developer of the state administration, and in the role of Business Director at tech company Futurice, where I gained a greater understanding of the world of data analytics. “

“Kaito seemed like the right workplace for me in every way. Kaito is a growing company in the field of data analytics & Generative AI that is worth noting in the market. The team at Kaito is top notch and you can really enjoy yourself here!”

🔝Top 3 things at Kaito: “Good team spirit and happy atmosphere. Interesting clients. Opportunities for learning.”

🎉 Fun fact about me: “I am also a music professional. Singer, songwriter and Dj. Many Finns know my song Levottomat from the movie of the same name. I started my DJ career at the end of the 90s at the places founded by Dj Lil Tony in Helsinki. I have continued making music on the side of other jobs all these years.”