Invitation: Manage dynamic data-driven pricing with Pricefx


How your company can transition to dynamic data-driven pricing

When:   23.10.2019 8:15 - 11:00am
Where:   Radisson Blu Royal Hotelli, Runeberginkatu 2, Helsinki

Dynamic data-based pricing is currently the fastest growing segment of data and analytics. It's easy to set up and there are many great custom software available. Pricefx is fastest growing SaaS Price Management software that can be deployed very quickly to drive your dynamic pricing with instant return of investment. In this event, we will  dive into how to increase your profits with dynamic data driven pricing, present Pricefx price management system with demo, and share success customer story: Bosch to showcase how Pricefx help enterprises in Finland with pricing and profits.

Register now to this event co-hosted with Pricefx, and set a clear pricing strategy, get the right prices for the right customers and improve your profits! Key highlights of this event:

  • A clear pricing strategy and professional project implementation to gain visibility into current pricing with analytics and create rules for pricing
  • Present Pricefx price management service with demo, how to get right price for different customer segments, and build rules with discipline
  • Bosch's pricing solution, which is developed and maintained in Finland and Mr. Krogell will share their experiences with Pricefx.(Bosch is German based multinational company that has long history of utilizing Pricefx as their Price management software)

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Agenda 23.10


8:15 AM             Breakfast and networking
8:45 AM             Welcome and Dynamic Data-Driven Pricing by BDS Bynfo
9:00 AM             Pricefx presentation and demo by Karim Chamas & Manuel Pfeifer from Pricefx
10:00 AM           Coffee Break
10:15 AM           Case Bosch by Anders Krogell  UD Project Manager at Bosch
11:00 AM           Q&A, Networking and end of event