Hellos from new Kaito colleagues

Kaito Careers - Getting started at KaitoWe’ve been happy to welcome some new talents in our team over the past year. In this blog post, we will introduce three of our new colleagues, Atte, Johan and Niklas and talk about what the beginning of their Kaito journey has looked like.

Atte Löf is an experienced Data Analytics and Modeling expert whose Snowflake and AWS knowledge has already been in high demand at Kaito. On his free-time, Atte loves to spend time with his family and whenever there is a free moment, he will put on his climbing shoes and go bouldering.

Johan Wikström is an experienced professional in the data and analytics space and works at Kaito as a Project Manager. Johan had already worked with Kaito’s team as a Product Owner on the customer side, so when he decided he wanted to increase his knowledge on different domains as well as work with big analytics and IoT data projects, joining Kaito was an easy decision. Johan is already known at the office for his dapper sartorial style and excitement towards boating and padel.

Niklas Pimenoff, coincidentally also an eager boulderer, focuses mainly on data integrations and ETL in his work. He started his career in the hospitality industry, moved to the IT field, and eventually found his way to Kaito’s team through Hive Helsinki code school. We have been told Niklas makes the best burgers in Helsinki, and we are waiting for him to prove it.

Getting started at Kaito

Atte, Johan and Niklas have joined Kaito more or less remotely. However, getting to know most colleagues online has not stopped them from integrating into the team. In fact, all of them point out people at Kaito as one the best things so far.

Atte: I was able to get my hands dirty and absorb into projects quickly. I have been impressed by how many highly skilled people there are to turn to whenever you need advice. The only downside is that most of the communication happens in calls or Slack, but I suppose we will soon be able to see each other more.

Johan: The absolute best part has been working in teams, I have truly enjoyed collaborating with our customers and Kaito’s experts.

Niklas: I have enjoyed the positive vibes at work. My work has been challenging – in a good way, I must add. However, I have never felt alone, and it has been easy to find someone to help in any situation.

Expectations for the future

With the holiday season right around the corner, we discussed what Atte, Johan and Niklas were looking forward to in the summer and after returning to work.

Atte: I’m enthusiastic about expanding my expertise in the world of Azure and it looks like I’ll get to do that in a project starting in the fall. Besides that, our family is growing in the summer and we’re also renovating our house, so I don’t expect to get bored on my summer holiday.

Johan: I’m looking forward to gaining a more holistic understanding on the big picture around data and analytics solutions. And of course, I can’t wait to be able to meet more people face-to-face! I’m heading to a short summer vacation soon, so I’m getting ready for boat cruises, padel games and trips to the summer cottage.

Niklas: I’m hoping that I will be able to focus more on data platform infrastructure development as well as learning more about the Snowflake and Azure interface through project work. Can I say that I also can’t wait for our Kaito Day and party in September? It will be awesome to finally meet everyone in person. Before that, I will have a summer break and I’m planning to take it easy – just unwinding at the summer cabin and investing time in my favorite hobbies.

We’d love to get to know you! 

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