COVID-19 Dashboard with Looker and Snowflake


COVID-19 Dashboard Nordic region 

As the world continues to deal with the global pandemic, we continue to create, digest and analyse large quantities of data which helps governments, policy makers and society at large understand the pandemic.

What we have sought to do with our dashboard is put a spotlight closer to home, covering the Nordic region, giving us more tangible insights about our local situation which should inform our decisions on the ground.

More specifically, we are looking at each country and comparing the actual against one and other and showing the progression of the virus by tracking the history of the rolling day growth rate over different periods since the first event.

We are also forecasting future cases based of the latest rolling day growth rate to give an indication how the situation could look.

Link to  recommended full desktop version:  here

Link to lightweight  (mobile) version:  here

Value of the data during pandemic

The data provides valuable insight into events of COVID-19, using the data we can look at key metrics to see what has happened and what is likely to happen.

As an example, looking at new cases confirmed by day allows us to view the “Flattening of the Curve” for each country since their first event.

The “Rolling Day Growth Rate” helps understand how the situation of COVID-19 is evolving worldwide. To understand if measures of social distancing have the desired effects you can observe the rate over a certain period.

The data utilized is from John Hopkins University which is available via the Snowflake data exchange.  Demographics data has also been utilized to enrich the dataset.

Tools Used

The semantic layer and dashboards were created in Looker and the database platform used was Snowflake.

Looker is powered by its own modelling language Lookml which allows for quick and iterative development of models and dashboards, leveraging Git repository for versioning. The SQL metadata created by Looker is optimized for your selected database platform, so less time spent on performance tuning scripts.

Looker also provides embedded analytics, which allows you to embed all your existing Looker content within your own products, as demonstrated above.

Snowflake is the, near-zero maintenance platform delivered as-a-service. It features compute, storage, and cloud services layers that are logically integrated but scale independent from one another, making it an ideal platform for many workloads.

Snowflake data exchange allows for data sharing options of ready available data sets, just create a database share on your account and the integration is done. This feature available to all Snowflake customers, allowing you securely access your data sets without having to move, copy, or transfer that data.


The dashboard shows the narrative of Sweden’s relaxed social distancing measures compared to the other Nordic countries.

Sweden has the highest cases per million, highest mortality rate and highest rolling day growth rate over all periods.

All countries 3 day rolling growth rate has been under 10% but only Denmark and Norway, whom had the first outbreaks and took more severe social distancing measures have had their 7 day rolling day growth rate fall under double figures.

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