Press Release, 4.3.2019 Bynfo and Big Data Solutions are merged as BDS Bynfo! We are the leading service provider for data analytics and information management in Finland




The new BDS Bynfo will become Finland's largest company focusing on data management and analytics. The company's employees have the longest and most profound experience in the market with knowledge management, cloud-based analytics and business and financial planning. BDS Bynfo employs 48 people and has a turnover of approximately EUR 4.5 million and is aiming for an annual growth of about thirty percent during the next five years.
”We are able to expand our services to our existing customers and to serve different companies better than ever before. Our analytics team and diverse backgrounds also help us understand customers from different industries. This is most important because successful data management requires that analytics solutions are designed to produce data that is relevant to the company's business. It is often possible to derive greater benefits from expert planning from existing information.” says Saku Sell, CEO of BDS Bynfo.

All 48 employees will continue to serve the new companies, and the new management will consist of key personnel from both companies. The goal is also to recruit a new skilled person during the coming year.

Data management is a growing industry
BDS Bynfo aims to achieve 30% annual growth over the next five years and a turnover of about EUR 12 million by 2022. Growth is expected to arise from both new and expanding customers. We target growth also in international markets, and most of the company's customers are already international.
Analytics and design services enable companies to improve decision-making and business management, for example, better understanding their customers' behavior, identifying product quality issues, anticipating maintenance needs, and developing new data-based services. Analytics and design services benefit all companies and operators whose businesses can be controlled and developed through data management.
”The market is constantly growing because customers have understood the business value of data. In addition, Finland has top expertise in analytics and design, and the technology used is always cheaper. Also, the industry is not so cyclically sensitive, as there is a need for more efficient customer processes in the downturn." says Jonni Henttinen, Technology Director at BDS Bynfo. 
BDS Bynfo’s management team believes that data will be used more and more in future ecosystems of different actors, where sharing information can create synergies and achieve massive savings. 
“We want our analytics professionals to be able to develop their skills and implement new solutions for our customers to develop their business. Data sharing is the future, and we are the first in the Nordic countries to share data between different operators. For example, if we are able to combine the data of the entire logistics process between several operators, the process optimization is more efficient than if  we focus only on a single part of the logistics chain, ”says Henttinen.
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Saku Sell, CEO, BDS Bynfo