Pricefx solution is suitable for any industry facing the classical but also very specific pricing challenges of commercial organizations of any size and geographical location.

Pricefx is German software company created by experienced pricing and software professionals. Their vision is to become and stay the leading SaaS pricing and CPQ solution provider.

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Pricefx currently offers six functional and one integration module:


Gain transparency and provide support to all types of price related optimizations based on a broad set of relevant analytical functionality to identify margin and/or price opportunities.


Analyze and segment your business, optimize your product portfolio and improve pricing. PriceOptimizer performs data profiling and generates segment-specific optimized pricing and price guidance and delivers it to price lists, CPQ, Digital Commerce and ERP systems.


Define your price policy and guidelines for price list and deal negotiations, calculate and simulate all kinds of product gross, special and net prices including algorithmic optimization and rule based or manual approval of price calculation results.


Set and manage special on-invoice conditions of any complexity such as discounts, promotions, campaigns, all kinds of special price conditions and net prices.


Enable your sales and back office teams with flexible quote configuration (CPQ), calculation and simulation capability for a quick and error free response to price inquiry or creation of quotes of any complexity.


Efficiently handle the entire rebate management process from the definition throughout the ongoing management, simulation, calculation, approval and initiation of the payments of all off-invoice conditions of any complexity, such as rebates, bonuses, kickbacks, credits etc.


Connect to any system enabling bidirectional exchange of master and transactional data as well as all calculated and approved price, contract and rebate records. Schedule and execute integration and calculation events. 

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