Better pricing can be used to boost sales and improve profitability. It can also be used to reduce the amount of manual work and avoid costly errors.

We find solutions to online sales challenges, where a company offers its customers complex, configurable products, the price of which changes dynamically. We assist our customers with pricing as well as cost and profitability management, and we help them to choose and implement CPQ (configure, price and quote) solutions.

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Management aims to improve profitability – pricing is the key



  • Pricing has become very complicated:
    • Different product components, services and logistics in a cluster
    • Various discounts and campaigns are hard to manage
    • The Sales has problems with managing contracts
  • Profit margins are unclear even for the responsible sales persons
  • Campaigns and discounts result in poor profit margins from otherwise good clients


  • A concept for managing pricing:
    • Clear strategy
    • Method
    • Data in order
    • Tools
    • Experienced executors
  • A concept that is executed successfully guarantees a system that provides:
    • coherent and apparent management of pricing
    • transparent
    • efficient, both in time and in quality


Components of managing pricing, from concept functionality to actual implementation 


The concept should be thought as a whole; there are no shortcuts to a functional pricing



Best System for pricing?

  • Best System facilitates fact based pricing that is based on calculations such as consumption of materials and resources and cost of logistics.
  • We have helped our customers to compare and select Systems that fit their strategy and operating model.
  • A system fastens quotation process and makes comparing offers and analyzing price changes easier.
  • It makes predictive profitability calculation possible, because the elements of the profitability are visible and can be analyzed already in the quotation base.

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Read about the tool Price f(x)



  • Improves customer and product profitability
  • Makes the passage time of the quotation process shorter
  • Releases sales resources for actual sales work
  • Produces accurate product descriptions
  • Reduces reclamation
  • Ensures the validity of the product information in quotation phase  



Why should you take a pricing tool in use

  • Efficient and coherent operation ensures that your pricing is of top quality and based on rules
    • Decreases the time used for managing key customer accounts
    • Consolidates and increases profit margin
    • Eliminates errors in billing
    • Manages the product portfolio efficiently

Why BDS-Bynfo

  • Customer focused and technology-independent
  • We trust in teamwork, transparency and fairness – with our clients and partners

Why now

  • The faster the process is initiated, the faster the benefits can be realized
  • By waiting you accept the risk that your data quality and made mistakes reduce profitability

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Technologies we use