A New Comprehensive Solution to Replace the Old System Jungle

The information systems and processes in municipalities were developed before the age of data systems, and they have often been digitized without any careful and holistic assessment. Tiera and BDS Bynfo have launched a comprehensive solution for the management of cities that harmonizes and digitizes their processes within a shared solution. Resource planning, reporting, and analytics are approached holistically using an effective and productized model.


Assessment, Construction, Integration and Testing

Our activities are driven by our ability to offer scalable solutions to the local government sector, so that we can offer them to municipalities as products. This means that municipalities can acquire comprehensive solutions at affordable prices in accordance with the best practices in the sector. Such solutions allow them to stay up to date and to rationalize their operations without any major process-specific investments.

"It’s great to see how cities like Turku and Lahti have been able to take advantage of SAP’s planning solution in their operations."

Hannu Aalto, BI-Architect, planning / SAP BPC

Seamless Planning for HR and Financial Operations

As always, we used all of BDS Bynfo’s expertise to make sure that our customer achieved the best possible results. The team’s commitment was simply great, and, consequently, the customer’s budgeting operations are now seamlessly integrated into the accounting system, and HR processes have been streamlined.


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"It is so easy and straightforward to work with BDS Bynfo. They are Finland’s leading expert
providers of SAP budgeting, planning and consolidation solutions."

Vesa Heinälä, Director of ERP Services, Tiera


  • Standardization and digitization of the city’s ERP functions and processes
  • Clarification and acceleration of decision-making processes when data is easily accessible to the right people
  • Significant time and cost savings in planning and budgeting operations


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