Multi-Dimensional Project

BDS Bynfo has helped Aarnio’s senior management to stay informed of the latest developments in analytics. Our cooperation covers the technical architecture, the organization of the operations from the recruitment of the right people, assessment of the various BI tools as well as a comprehensive range of analytics solutions.

Introducing Qlik Sense

Aarnio decided to select Qlik Sense as its reporting tool. Qlik Sense is a great tool for when hundreds of millions of rows of data must be visualized in such a way that quickly and clearly presents the essential information to support decision-making. In the architecture project, particular attention was paid to the fact that the business environment and the system map were quickly changing. The architecture must, therefore, be easy to maintain. We also had a detailed discussion with Aarnio on which functions would be worth them carrying out in-house and which ones they should outsource. On the basis of this assessment, BDS Bynfo supported Aarnio in the recruitment process by helping them to identify suitable employees and validating their levels of competence.

"Aarnio is easy to work with. Aarnio’s management understand the importance of data for the development of the business, and it works hard to put the data to the best possible use."

Jonni Henttinen, Tehcnology Director, BDS Bynfo

Strong expertise tackles the most challenging projects

Here at BDS Bynfo, we have invested in making sure that we are technology independent and that our team covers a broad and flexible set of skills, so that we can support our customers in all areas of analytics, in architectures and organizations as well as in the delivery of the solutions. As a result, Aarnio obtained a solution that offers a view of almost all of the company’s business operations, and it now also has a team that knows how to use Qlik Sense.


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"Working with BDS Bynfo has given us great confidence in their operations. I can count on them to actually contribute to Aarnio’s business, not just theirs."

Aki Pousar, Development Director, Wihuri Oy Aarnio


  • Dynamic and easy to maintain data warehouse architecture
  • Attracting and developing talent in the organization
  • Functional reporting and analytics solutions

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