Make your Business Data Work for You

Kaito Fast Track is a proven way for making your business data available on a modern Data Platform. 

"Nearly half of time spent on data analytics projects is dedicated to data preparation, instead of on more strategic, high-value tasks. – Let's change this."      Jonni Henttinen, Partner, Kaito.

Modern Cloud Data Platform for your Key Business Data

Get to your data

Unleash the data from your key business systems

No more tight restrictions limiting the use of your data.

Quickly integrate your data to the cloud using carefully selected tools and efficient methodologies so you can focus on using the insights.





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Build home for your data

Build  a future-proof
Platform for your data

Use, collaborate on, and share your business data on a modern data platform.

Our reference Cloud Data Platform is built using leading technologies like Snowflake and Azure. Spend less time managing and maintaining and more time generating real business value.





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Transform  your data

Deliver value from your data early and often

Modern tools and methods allow for unprecedented amount of automation and efficiency. 

We have built a set of preconfigured data models for common needs in areas such as finance, sales, production and purchasing to accelerate the project.

We have a proven development methodology and transparency is built in to the process.



We set up to tackle these common business challenges and pain points

Data does not serve the business need

Data modelling and development is IT-centric.Data is modelled from source system point of view, not derived from the businesses needs.

System specific reporting solutions are slow and difficult to customise in order serve the business needs.

Key business source systems like SAP, have complex internal logic causing errors to unexperienced developers. 

Information is siloed or unavailable

Data is scattered around the organisation and combining data from different source systems is difficult.

Business doesn’t have true ownership of the reporting and it is slow and difficult to access data.

The processing of data is a black box. There is no audibility or visibility in the process.

The majority of time is spent preparing data

There is a lot of manual expert work in preparing and transforming the data to have it ready for use. Development is slow and expensive.

New business requirements take weeks to be delivered as too much time is wasted on preparing the data.

Different departments develop duplicate solutions without knowledge of each other.


Kaito Fast track makes sure that we can reliably and rapidly deliver business value together

Needs and Outcomes



High Level Architecture

Our reference architecture scales infinitely and is 100% code based.  Separate development, test and production environments ensure robustness and support Ops driven approach.
Kaito Fast Track Architecture v2

Get started effortlessly with our SAP Data Accelerators


What can you expect in the first months?

We deliver early and often with the help of a proven methodology relying on Agile and DevOps to make this happen.
Kaito Fast Track Speed


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