Kaito & Anora

Fast tracking the development and implementation of a modern Data Platform.


Anora is the market leader in wine and spirits business in the Nordics. The company was born as a result of a merger between two companies, Altia and Arcus, in September 2021. Well-designed and efficient processes are at the center of Anora's business.

Antti Marmo, Development Manager of Anora, states that in his own work at Anora he especially values agile IT processes and how modern methods and tools make it possible to respond better to company’s growing data needs. Anora is currently focusing on making the most out of synergies enabled from the merger.


“We want to fully digitalize our core processes to improve both efficiency and quality. We also want to grow as a business.” – Antti Marmo, Development Manager, Anora


To enable and support growth, Anora wanted a modern Data Platform and a development approach that correspond to the company's ever-accelerating operating environment. They wanted to make the process of developing new data products and pipelines as agile as possible. The platform should also be transparent and easy to use and understand.

Kaito Fast Track – Data Platform

Kaito is Anora's partner in the development of the Data Platform and processes. Anora selected a modern Snowflake based architecture that Kaito has years of experience. The selected productized service consists of a predefined data platform architecture, ready-made code base, templates and an agile delivery methodology. This allows quick delivery of concrete results and a framework for delivering continuous value to the organization.

The development work has been much faster and more efficient than it was before cooperation. Anora is convinced that Kaito is capable to produce solutions exactly in line with their needs.


” Developing reports with Kaito is much faster compared to before. It used to take us two months to go from the specification stage to implementation. Now the same process takes us three days.” – Antti Marmo, Development Manager, Anora


Antti Marmo tells that if it takes too long to implement development work, it might not even be attempted because business can’t allocate enough time for the work. Now that Anora cooperates with Kaito, they can quickly develop their data solutions and achieve a lot in just a short amount of time. If the business needs something, the whole process from brainstorming to finalized product takes only couple of weeks.

That is why Antti Marmo would recommend Kaito especially for projects where organizations want to modernize company’s current data platforms, or there are more challenging backend systems like SAP ERP.

“I would especially recommend Kaito for projects where the aim is to renew a data platform and where the backend or enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is SAP, for example. They are very skilled at moving the data from the system to the cloud and from there to reporting. “– Antti Marmo, Development Manager, Anora


In addition to this, working with Kaito on a fully modern data platform allows Anora to work more efficiently. The platform automatically documents the development work and make it possible to investigate visually how data flows through the system.

One key benefit of the collaboration is that Anora is now on an accelerated path in developing organizations data literacy. Business is taking steps in creating their own reports and learning to do more and more of the analysis work themselves.

Development Manager, Antti Marmo, says that Kaito has very solid expertise on technology. In addition to this, Antti is particularly satisfied with Kaito's understanding of Anora's business needs.

“They are well versed with Azure, Snowflake, and SQL overall. Their employees always understand what I ask from them. If I tell them that our business has certain needs, I will get just what I need.” – Antti Marmo, Development Manager, Anora