Recording of Kaito Webinar – Automate repetitive financial reporting tasks and unlock Advanced Analytics with Alteryx

We will first provide an overview of modern Analytics Platforms for Self-Service Analytics and show how they provide paths to more robust advanced analytics. Then we will go through a common use case with a practical demo.

Kaito Webinar Alteryx



Eerik Puskala, Partner

Escape the Excel Agony. Overview on modern Data Analytics for business users.

There are two separate worlds of analytics and reporting inside organisations. IT led initiatives provide robust data sets and analytic tools for business users. These are however often not enough agile and flexible for many more add hock use cases.

The other world has been long dominated by Excel where everything is seemingly possible and expert users can provide reports and analysis very flexibly. The flexibility has its down sides and users often end up doing repetitive manual work. Today there are modern tools that mitigate many of the difficulties and pain points of doing analytics with Excel.

Jenni Keskinen, Data Scientist

Hands on demo of Alteryx: Automate repetitive financial reporting tasks.

ABC analysis

Jenni will start from data on Snowflake that can be enriched using ABC Analysis. The much more useful enriched information is then written back to Snowflake and shown on a Power BI report.

ABC Analysis offers valuable information about the company inventory. It tells how items will affect to overall inventory cost and helps to recognize diffenrent categories for items and how to manage those.​


  • Alteryx – Analytics Platform
  • Snowflake – Data Warehouse
  • Power BI – Reporting tool