The Kaito story


Announcement of the rebranding


In early 2019, Big Data Solutions and Bynfo merged. The Kaito brand and value reform completes a consortium of two expert houses.

We are proud to announce that the merger has been successful and we are now continuing the exciting journey as KAITO. With 49 experts we are the leading Finnish service provider in analytics and smart automation. We are the essential platform for data driven growth.

The name KAITO derives from the company's business and offering terms Knowledge Assets, Insights, Transformation and Outcomes. In the context of participatory brand work, the company's values have also been renewed.     


About new brand

 Value Reform


KAITO's renewed brand also results in jointly defined value reform. New values support company's strategic goal of becoming Finland's largest expert in data architectures, analytics and smart automation.

Ambitious growth targets are backed by a renewed vision and
value promise:
"We give meaning to

The Kaito Code:

This Code is the foundation of our culture, the way we work and the values we uphold and want to communicate to each other and in all of our interactions.


SINCERITY We justify our opinion and say it like it is. We always put our clients first.

VISIONARY We are passionate enthusiasts and we do our work with pride. We refine our skills and actively share our expertise.

DEDICATION We take responsibility and get things done. We are not afraid of challenges – not even big ones.

COMMUNALITY We are stronger together, working closely with our clients. We value each other, creating added value by combining different skills.

Vision and Mission statement

 Mission: We give meaning to Information.
 Vision: We are the essential platform for data-driven growth.

 Kaito – Meaningful Knowledge

Vision identity and signature

We are a good friend you want to be seen with.

Our village is proud of every member. We reward boldness and celebrate success around the same table. Everyone has a voice and our market square is open. Wearing team colours, together we look forward to new adventures with great enthusiasm.


Rebranding processes

The Brand Definition process started with an overall analysis, which consisted of a current status analysis and a competitor analysis and was supplemented with a market analysis. In addition, we also run an electronic personnel survey which was complemented with in person interviews with the employees. We also interviewed our customers.

We run many workshops, internally and with the help of our partner agency. The input was then summarised into a so-called “Brand 9-frame”, better known as The Corporate Brand Identity Matrix. 

Brand is not only about name

While the value reform was ongoing, we also began to work with our service offering and the way we operate.

During the fall 2019 we studied various approaches of self-directive organisation. Sociocracy 3.0 was taken as the foundation for becoming self-directive. Equally to the value reform, employees participated and contributed in various workshops making sure that our way of being self-directive would resonate with our culture. Coaches were trained in early 2020 and various guilds have been created around our operations. 

The strategy work from summer 2019 was also put into action in the form of renewed service offering. We wanted that the offering supports our journey short and long term. Our strong focus on data analytics was in the core of the work and the successful customer projects around modern data architectures and platforms built confidence that we are on the right track. As the result of the offering design, five service categories were created; 1) Data Strategy & Transformation, 2) Analytics & Insights, 3) Smart Automation and 4) Enterprise Data Platform. The last category is KaitON, which goes through the four other service categories in a form of continuous support and maintenance services.


Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 11.06.14

The brand work is not over and the objective is walk the talk. Therefore we will post updates on the brand work results that may appear in a form of customer case studies, new services, employee interviews or future events.