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Welcome to Kaito. Our village treats you like a local - individually, fairly, and honestly. We are always at reach, ready to answer any questions and deepen relations.

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Taivuta suomen kieli osaksi älykästä analytiikkaa.

Tule kuulemaan kuinka luonnollisen kielen tulkitseminen saadaan sujumaan osana analytiikan ratkaisuja.

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New Data Platform Accelerator

Kaito Fast Track from data to insight

Kaito Fast Track is a proven way for making your Business Data available on a modern Data Platform. Fast Track delivers results quickly by applying a combination of predefined architecture, methodology and ready-made code.

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Webinar recording

How to build business value with ML/AI

What to consider when planning to boost your business analytics with Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

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Webinar recording

How to build new business out of data: Case Valmet

Kaito’s customer Valmet has been on a journey towards building new business out of IoT-data. In this webinar, we will hear from Valmet’s Data Architect Antti Sirkka. 

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Learn who we are

Hello everyone! we are Kaito

We are The Elite Squad of data-driven transformation - we are the ones to have on your side. We give meaning to data and make new life out of it.

Our Mission

We give meaning to information.

Our Vision

We are the essential platform for data driven growth.


With solid expertise and background in data-driven decision making, we tackle the four elements of transformation; People, Processes, Technologies and Data.

Whether your need relates to refinement of Data Strategy, Enterprise Data Platform modernisation, increase in Analytics & Insights capabilities or lean Smart Automation, we are here for you. We are change agents leaving no one behind with their challenges. 

Find the brightest pearls of data


We are the extension to your data and analytics capabilities. Hence, we are stronger together, working closely with our clients. We value each other, creating added value by combining different skills.

Customer Story

Kaito & Valmet

Close collaboration in building business from manufacturing IoT-data.
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Grow with us

Your Partner in Europe and Nordics

We work with multinational companies, delivering projects in the Europe and Nordics. Kaito people are not bound to our offices and can be found increasingly around the Europe.

A good friend you want to be seen with

We want to hear from you?

We are always at reach, ready to answer any questions and deepen relations. One visit to our village can easily turn into a lasting companionship. 

enabling data-driven transformation

Our Technology Partners


Kaito is an excellent  company to bring in the missing expertise.

Petri Nampajärvi, Chief Information Officer, Pohjolan Voima

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Integrated Business Intelligence and Analytics solution for Tenant analytics.

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Group-wide unified information with
a state-of-the-art iDW Data Warehouse solution.

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Working with KAITO has given us great confidence in their operations. I can count on them to actually contribute to Aarnio's business, not just their.

Aki Pousar, Development Director, Wihuri Oy Aarnio


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Our village is proud of every member. Wearing team colors, together we look forward to new adventures with great enthusiasm. Join us on our journey, we leave no one behind with their challenges.